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What does ElDiabloHijo mean?  Well it’s Spanish so let me break it down word by word. El = The; Diablo = Devil; Hijo = Son. So roughly it means The Devil Son, don’t ask me where it came from but this is just something I picked up several years ago when I was learning Spanish in school, and it just kinda stuck as what my handle would be.

I did not mean it to be the Devil’s Son, I meant it to be The devil son, using devil to describe the type of son I am.  At a time in my life it felt fitting and it still does as there are times that I can be very evil.  Mostly it was a play on words to describe the way I treated my parents and still treat them in some respects.

I am an avid gamer and love watching movies and listening to music.  I am just about your average 20 something male that spends a lot of time around the computer.  Then again I also get paid a lot of the time I am actually around the computer so it is not that bad.

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