Jun 062014

It took a lot longer than I would have liked to get around to narrating and posting my second battle report but it’s finally up. In my second battle report I decided to continue on the subject of farming.   The focus of this video is on another farming strategy I use, quick ROI (return on investment) attacks.  

If the well has run dry and you are having trouble finding highly inactive bases then this strategy will be the one for you.  There are quite a few bases out there that leave their drills and mines exposed and vulnerable.  While this is especially great on inactive bases (more than a few days without playing) it can also be helpful on active bases that haven’t logged in for a few hours.  These attacks aren’t going to make you instantly wealthy, but the plan is to do many of them over and over again to slowly gain resources.

It is best if you do these attacks with a boosted barracks as that will allow you to do them nearly non-stop increasing your flow of resources.

Picking good targets for this type of attack is harder to spot but also easier to find, so it’s a bit of a catch 22.  When searching for this type of battle here is what you want to look for:

  • Collectors outside of range of defenses.
    • You want collectors that can be easily destroyed.  These are generally mostly out of range of the defenses or barely in range.
  • Empty Storages
    • If the base has empty storage units then the majority of it’s loot will be in the collectors.

You can try as you might to guess how long a base has been inactive but it is incredibly difficult so a lot of it will come down to a simple guessing game.  This means that sometimes you will get burnt and sometimes you will make out like a bandit.  The important thing to remember is to use as few troops possible to get the job done to maximize your ROI.  If you use all your troops then it won’t be quick or a good return on your investment.   It’s also important to know that you will be loosing trophies, so this is a great strategy to use when intentionally dropping trophies.

The battles in this video show some of the bases I have attacked and received some good quick ROI.  The result of the attacks are as follows:

Battle Report Results:
6 Loses
162 Trophies Lost

Resources Gained:
Gold: 165,063
Elixir: 205,815

Total Troops Used:
48 Barbs: 4,800 Elixir
35 Archers: 7,000 Elixir
237 Goblins: 23,700 Elixir

Total Troop Cost: 35,500 Elixir

Net Gain:
Gold: 165,063
Elixir: 170,315

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