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I’ve finally gotten around to narrating and editing my first Battle Report.  In my very first report I decided to focus on a subject very near and dear to my heart, farming.   The focus of this video is on my favorite farming strategie that I use.  

One of the best farming strategies is to target inactive bases.   You can get a massive amount of loot without much trouble from an inactive base as there is a lot of build up in the collector buildings as no one is logging in to empty them.   This is also boosted by the fact that you are able to take more resources from a collector building (mine/drill) than from a storage building.

There are a couple of ways that you can tell a base is inactive.  When looking for inactive bases these are the signs you should look for to tell if a base is inactive.  The more of these criteria that a base meets the better.

  • Even Number of resources
    • When a base has about the same amount of gold and elixir it’s usually a good sign that the base is idle and the collectors are full of resources.  This isn’t always super effective because bases can be idle with resources in storage as well as if the level of collectors aren’t equal it could set that number off.
  • Idle Builders
    • If all their builders are sleeping and they have a good amount of resources sitting then it’s again likely they are idle.
  • Graves
    • A lot of graves around a base usually means that the player hasn’t logged in recent to clear them out.
  • No clan affiliation
    • If someone isn’t in a clan then it’s possible they’ve been kicked out due to inactivity.

Once you’ve identified an inactive base you want to aim for one that can be easily captured.  These are bases with their collector buildings on the outside of their walls, or easily accessible.  Also ones where you can get a win are great as well so you don’t loose too many trophies farming.

The battles in this video encompass all the above signs of inactivity and most of them are easy to get at.  The result of the attacks are as follows:

Battle Report Results:
4 Loses
84 Trophies Lost

Resources Gained:
Gold: 787,406
Elixir: 874,842
Dark Elixir: 674

Total Troops Used:
87 Barbs: 8,700 Elixir
149 Archers: 29,800 Elixir
222 Goblins: 22,200 Elixir

Total Troop Cost: 60,700 Elixir

Next Gain:
Gold: 787,406
Elixir: 814,142
Dark Elixir: 674

  2 Responses to “Farming Strategy / Inactive Bases – Clash of Clans – Battle Report #1”

  1. Im a new th10 just right after the update. Is it only me ? Its so hard to find a dead base! Im not used to this giant wizz strategy for farm because it takes more time to train and more elix. So going to crystal3 is good for barch farming ?

  2. Well this farming strategy is over two years old. A lot has changed in that time, including the fact that they have removed a lot of inactive bases from the game. They really want you to use stronger armies for farming and not just barbs and archers and go for only inactive bases.

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