Jul 032013

Looking For Group and The Fork of Truth

Aside from being an avid video game fan I also read a fair amount of comics.  One of the comics I enjoy a great deal is Looking For Group by Ryan Sohmer and Lar deSouza.  The people over at Blind Ferret and Paladin Studios are currently running a KickStarter to try and turn the comic into a full fledged game and could use your help.

I have been reading the Looking for Group comic since it started (since I was a reader of LICD I got the heads up) and have been in love with it since.  I’ve purchased several books and even a Richard figurine from them to show my love.

Well now they are looking for more love so that they can make a multiplayer RPG starring the characters from the comic.  This intrigues me and it’s good to see from their KickStarter page that they are keeping the same sense of humor in the game as they have in the comic.

The problem becomes that this is by far and away their most advantageous KickStarter to date as they are asking for $600k in order to make this game and are currently only at $118k or 19% funded and only having 15 days left.  They’ve had good luck with their other KickStarters having successfully funding 3 of the 4 they’ve started and raising $133k and $132k in two of them respectively (one of which was a LFG Animated Short). Their unsuccessful project was also their highest goal too at $78k.

So to make this game a reality they need your help, so spread the word and help them make this game so they can use the profits from it to help fund the LFG movie down the line.

Looking For Group: The Fork of Truth (KickStarter)

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