May 132013

If you don’t know what Minecraft is then you probably don’t keep up much with games period.  But Minecraft is a very widely played game that started out with very simple roots and has grown to become a global sensation.   You go around collecting resources and then building structures however you please in a sandbox environment.

It is a great game and I highly recommend picking up the full version for the PC if you are a heavy PC gamer, you will not be disappointed.  However, if you are like me and don’t do much, if any, gaming on the PC anymore then you are in luck.  There is a ‘Pocket Edition’ of Minecraft that will subdue your building itch.  This is a great game to play on a tablet and I absolutely love my copy I have on my iPad and so do my kids.

There have been nights I have lost hours building up fantastic structures.  Now I paid full price for my copy because I didn’t want to wait for a sale and I don’t regret it at all as it’s one of my most played games, but if you’ve been holding out or just been playing on the PC then I highly recommend you pick up the pocket edition in order to get your Minecraft fix on the go.

It is currently on sale over in Amazon’s Appstore (Android) for $3.99 from $6.99:  Minecraft – Pocket Edition

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